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I realized that it is almost a year after our trip to Taiwan. Having your kid enter the first grade, your schedule will change drastically--couple it with the construction of the MRT (along Commonwealth) and the traffic...you'd be left with so little time to do extra things like this: go through our travel pictures and blog about it. Ha! Finally, it's summer --mothers rejoice! Ah, but seriously I am happy to have a break just be with my children and my family.

We've been cleaning our home and and I was also cleaning up files when I saw our photos from this trip. If I blogged about it earlier I might have plenty of things to write about but as my husband always tells me: your brain won't keep memories like videos...they're more like pictures you flip through. That's when I am so glad that I love taking pictures. I love documenting my family.

I don't remember much details about our trips --maybe highlights or unfortunate events we come to laugh about eventually--but the pictures we took are happy memories I know we can look back on.






Some low points in our trip:

- getting lost and arguing about directions
- being so hungry you don't want to talk
- waking up extra early because KIDS
- bringing two backpacks always: Ellie's milk, bottles, wipes, diapers and extra clothes for the kids/      cameras, gimbal, gopro, etc.
- Bean's front tooth almost coming out that's why every meal is crying time
- Ellie always wanting to be with me than anyone else (backpain and shoulder dead)

High and memorable points of our trip:

- family is complete
- celebrated dad's 60th
- weather not as hot as Manila
- kids were easy to manage (except Bean when it came to her moving tooth)
- milk tea
- great views
- subway
- a lot of cute dogs
- plenty of jokes and laughter
- a lot of memories to keep.

That's a whole lot of pictures. I could not blog about other things because as much as I can I want to do things chronologically. That's the OC side of me. It also took me quite some time to post process each photo (and more) to get the same tone--so I hope I was able to accomplish that.