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Last Part of out Trip to Busan

Finally I have time to sit and blog. Ha! I've thought about quitting this space for a few reasons but I know that the reason I started this blog is to document the growth of our little family. I had other blogs before I got married and had children and then started this one shortly after Bean was born. So, no it is not the end of this space and I made a promise to myself to post more like before.

Well....here is the last part of our trip. We made our schedule chill and flexible because we didn't want to stress out the kids and ourselves. On the afternoon of the day before our flight home we visited this market place (which I forgot the name of course) and ate from the food stands while I did a makeup haul and Adam got to buy shoes. We also  bought the kids toys and walked around. The sunset was beautiful and the weather was great.

That night we had a warm dinner of Gukbap which we were highly addicted to. LOL. We had it two nights in a row. We ordered two bowls and were surprised that the owner of the restaurant gave us four! I was a bit nervous because I didn't want to pay something we didn't order but they told us it was free for our kids. Awwww. After putting the kids to sleep me and Adam spent the whole night packing our bags. Our flight was scheduled the next night.

As there was a lot of time to kill we decided to visit Samnak park and malls to do some last minnute shopping-- but actually I was looking for BTS CDs hehehehe. Adam and Bean love the park, if you ask them they will tell you that it's their favorite part of the trip. Don't ask me because the whole trip is my fave.

Our little family just strolled and played in the park, had lunch at a nearby mall (finally got my CDs) and took a train to the airport wherein our family was separated: Bean and Adam with Ellie's bag and mine; me and Ellie with a portable wifi (my phone was in my bag.) What an unfortunate way to get separated--initially I thought of just going down at the airport if ever Adam decides to meet us there...but then because he and Bean was ahead of us I also thought they might be waiting at the next station so I stayed put. We easily spotted each other and made our way to the airport.

This is our first trip with just the four of us. I had little worries because I know whatever happens I can handle my kids. I didn't know Adam was more worried than me. Between the two of us he's the one who wants everything polished....I am the type who asks people when we're already there hahahaha! I guess we really suite each other. This trip was supposed to be a "honeymoon" and then turned into a family trip. But I do not regret it. Some people tell us we are wasting money bringing the kids while they might not remember the trip at all when they grow up--but for us...we can make other travel plans when they've grown and even if they can't remember it--we can, him and me...and these are the things I will look back on when my kids have their own life--that there was a time in their life when their world revolved around out little family. When I was young I used to write in my goals list that when I grow up I want to be rich--money rich. But now, money means nothing to me. Yes I may want for expensive things sometimes but what matters most to me is that my life is rich with love.

Trip to Busan Part 2 (Gyeonghwa Station and Samnak Ecological Park)

It took me a long time to post....I know...I wasn't able to cope with Bean's new school schedule so much. I was also under a lot of stress due to health issues and moving to a new home. Alas, there is time, finally. I felt that I needed to post about this trip before the year ends and before I forget minor details!

So, from part one of my Busan post, we spent the night at Miyoung's. She upgraded us to a bigger room but Ellie was having a hard time adjusting to sleeping on mats (or that thing they roll out to sleep on the floor.) We weren't able to get a good night's sleep because she kept waking up to cry. But Adam and I wouldn't let that get us down. We still woke up at 6 am to prepare ourselves, the kids' bags, camera bags, breakfast and we got them in for a bath and change of clothes.

We got to Gyeonghwa sation a little past 8 AM and wow it was packed! So long to my dreams of having a decent photo taken....but you see between me and Adam is a great teamwork when it comes to snapping our travel photos. We are complete opposites in style but our relationship was built around us taking pictures...we spent years arguing, debating and even fighting about it that at present we just get each other. A little side look from me means I am not satisfied and him reviewing the photos means he wants to shoot from the same angle again and again.

It takes timing and patience to take pictures in a beautiful place full of so many people! But here are a few of my tips:

1. Be patient- when your instagram husband asks you to hold that pose or change it again and again it doesn't mean there is something wrong with you...it just means he's giving it his best--to capture your beauty and the beauty of the place.

2. Timing- the crowd will not be in the same place at the same time! Spot areas where the crowd is less and take it from there.

3. All out effort- being extra with your makeup and clothes goes a long way. Pesonally, I planned all the colors of our outfits based on the photos I saw on the internet so that we would stand out from all the pinks of the cherry blossoms. My makeup is also a bit more than I put in person so that it would stand out in the photos, too.

4. Shoot from a lower angle- not only does this thin out the crowd and make you look a few inches taller but it also captures all those blooms on the trees!

5. Do not ask your kids to pose if they don't want to- not only will this ruin their mood but yours, too! If you notice on my posts, I usually just snap pictures of my kids when they don't know it. This looks more natural and puts less pressure on both of you.

6. Use a lens that has a low aperture- I love bokeh. I really do! But don't just take pictures with blurred backgrounds and call it art. Research, take a look at other pictures, make an inspiration board. You know what I mean.

We stayed here for about and hour and a half and rode a taxi back to Busan. We settled in our Air BnB and then had chicken for lunch. There were actually no plans on this day I just wanted to go buy some BTS albums. LOL! But Adam said there was a nearby park we could go to to relax and let the kids play. Samnak park was few minutes away from where we were staying and all I could say is she is quite a stunner! It's a very long "road" where people can bike, jog, walk, run or just play around in. There were also some food stalls in case you get hungry. This is one of my favorite parts of this trip. Because the kids enjoyed playing and running around. Adam and I were happy watching them and of course, documenting the moment.

Making memories is an important thing for our little family. Hopefully, I get to post about the final part of this trip soon.