Trip to Busan Part 1 (Jinhae: Yeojwacheon Stream)

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

As you've seen from my posts last Valentine's day, Adam, gifted me with a trip for two to Korea. He said that I deserved this trip because I've never been kid-free since 2011...also, we never had our honeymoon after getting married. I also kept on repeating it to myself...that it was a time to unwind and relax for both of us and that we both deserved it....ah but a week before our trip we purchased tickets for our girls. Well, you know that's how parenthood is...and we are very attached to our kids.

So our original itinerary changed drastically because realistically we cannot keep up with with a strict schedule. Initially we planned to visit all the places where the cherry blossoms bloomed, nice coffee shops, the beach, and other places that you can go to in Busan but we ended up visiting just a few. Initially I was a bit disappointed but while we were there basking in the moment....I regret nothing.

Yes, I did not get some "me time" and I wasn't able to rest my injured back but having our kids there made it so much meaningful for us. Honestly, I have been having troubles adjusting to my eldest growing up. It seems that I am the one who can't let go of the baby that she I am glad that during this trip I got to spend more time with her...I saw how appreciative she is and how much patience she has for her little sister and us.

Anyway, moving on to the details of our trip:

We arrived at Gimhae airport at around 8:30 in the evening and we settled in the place we rented through Air BNB at around 10. We already had dinner on the plane so we opted to buy snacks from the convenience store to eat. We gave the kids a bath and put them to sleep. Then this is the time we fix their things: cleaned bottles, prepared milk, readied their clothes. We took turns taking a bath and got to bed at a little past midnight. I set my alarm at 4:30 AM because I wanted to be able to do my hair and makeup before leaving for Jinhae.

Well, with two kids in tow we were able to leave at 8...which is two hours late from our original plan. We wanted to get there early to avoid the crowd. Supposedly, we were going there by bus (they have buses there that leave every few minutes) but we took a cab instead (a bit pricey) because it was a lot of work with our luggage and kids. 

Upon reaching Jinhae I already saw every corner lined with cherry blossom trees!!! I was instantly in love with the place! We took our time walking the streets, finding our next Air BNB rental. If you are planning to go to Jinhae I highly recommend staying at Miyoung's place. Originally we booked a room for two adults and when I told her at the last minute that we were bringing our kids she upgraded our room to the largest one free of charge. Also, when we left one of our phones at her place she was kind enough to drive it all the way to the airport before our flight. 

Now back to the trip....

First on our list was to see the Yeojwacheon stream. This is quite popular because prior to our trip this is one location I always see being posted on Instagram. The places we wanted to see were always packed with "Divisoria" levels during I will be making a separate post on how to take your pictures in crowded places. Wait for it!

The stream was lovely and lined with cherry blossom trees! What added to the ambiance were the falling petals as the winds blew. We also had lunch here as there were lots of places to eat around the area. We decided to head back to our place so that Ellie can have her nap...and guess what...all of us fell asleep. We were supposed to go see the Gyeonghwa train station but it was already late....we still went there to just survey the place and visit it the next day. We bought our dinner and ate it at Miyoung'...we stayed in even though we could hear fireworks outside. The kids and both me and Adam were so tired already. LOL

It was such a great experience seeing these flowers bloom all around! Stay tuned for the next part of our trip!

my first ever food post

Friday, March 23, 2018

I haven't really been visiting this space for months. I always plan to write some things but....we've been so very busy with our daughter's school activities, travel plans and YOLO stuff....but here we are.

Since we're on the topic of "YOLO," I've decided to try something I haven't done before. My husband told me he was being invited by his high school friend, Aaron and his wife Katia, for lunch at Fat Daddy's Smokehouse in UP Town Center --for free. Yup, free...provided I write my honest review about our experience.

So let's get to it.

Honestly, as much as I wanted to take plenty of photos it's hard to do with two kids in tow. But I will tell you this-- I loved the ambiance of the place...also how spacious it was! Space is very important to us because when we go out with our children we bring a lot of stuff-- a stroller, a carrier, a big bag for whatever they need and whatever else we've bought or brought. I also liked how high chairs we're available! Would you believe other establishments still lack these things. They also have paper, crayons and Lego pieces for kids to use while waiting, so there was no problem for our littles.

As for the food.....

I just want to be clear: I've tasted all the food in the following pictures! LOL. I don't really remember all the names...but here you go:

Jera’s Ultimate Pulled Pork and Bacon Nachos- This is my favorite among all the things that we were served. Yes, I love nachos, cheese, pulled pork and BACON. And I am so happy that I am not on a vegan diet anymore...I probably won't be forever because of this. Ha ha ha. This dish was very flavorful and I loved how they put the right amount of jalapenos to compliment the cheesiness.

I was hesitant to try chicken liver because I really do not like the grainy feeling it brings to my mouth and also, the aftertaste...but Adam said that there was none so I gave it a try...and he was right! If you do not really eat liver you better try this one out. I just wished it was served in smaller pieces as it is quite difficult to slice.

Mac and Cheese- this one was one of Bean's favorite (she has 3.) For me, it was a little bit salty.

We were served two kinds of burgers, I don't know which is which-- this one was a bit average for me, though my husband says otherwise.

Hot Mess- I think this is mashed potatoes topped with bacon, cheese and herbs. This is another of Bean's favorite and one of mine, too. I loved how the potatoes weren't starchy and there's creaminess with this dish.

Smoked Hot Links- If you know me I'm a sucker for sausages or anything that looks like hot dogs ha ha I was excited to get to taste this...I like that it's a bit spicy but it was a little bit on the sweet side for me....and I like sausages salty.

I forgot what these "balls" were called but Bean absolutely loved these! It's mac and cheese fried into balls?? I also liked this and I ate about 3 pieces. LOL.

Smoked Meat Platter- was Adam's favorite out of the bunch. We both agree on how soft and juicy the ribs were and how well seasoned it is you don't even need any kind of sauce or dip! This also had pulled pork and chicken skin. The pulled pork could use a little bit more flavor for me.

Burritos- were a little below average for me. It tasted like wrapped rice...or maybe I prefer more meat? I don't know. It was just that for me.

And for dessert:

SMORES- my absolute favorite of them all. Yes, it's just graham crackers but.... I loved how the chocolate was just the right kind of sweet and bitter (bittersweet?) and how it was still warm when served.

Overall, I liked the food and the place and I would honestly go back again to bring my family and friends. The dishes I'd recommend for you not to miss would be the nachos, the meat platter, and the smores.

FAT DADDY’S SMOKEHOUSE is located at G/F UP Town Center, Katipunan, Diliman, Quezon City

on life, motherhood, friendship and yoga

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Lately, life is bittersweet. I admit to being in a slump and not feeling like my normal self at all like I've been swimming in all the negativity for months. Putting a stop to this was and still is very hard for me but I am glad that progress is here.

Our days are filled with busyness that sometimes I cannot cope. Adam leaves early for work at around 6:30 am and doesn't get home until 6 pm. I wake up early with my girls and do the usual school run. I prepare our meals, help with Bean's homework and take care and play with Eleanor. There are tons of things I would like to do for myself and goals I'd want to accomplish but accepting that now is not the time for those things has finally settled on me. I am not in a hurry because I want life to pass by slowly. I have all the time in the world and the only one pressuring me is myself.

I am not a perfect mother, mind you. I love motherhood but the pictures I upload on social media is only a fragment of my life. On my IG stories you will find snippets of our "real world" daily. Bean and I argue a lot and some days I just break down when I am overwhelmed with my kids. The laundry isn't fixed all the time and our food isn't always "healthy," and I am okay with that. We mothers do what we can and that is what matters. Two days ago while driving Bean to school traffic was so bad that I cursed a van of nuns because they didn't follow traffic rules. My daughter scolded me for the profanities that came out of my mouth. And there I was embarrassed because Bean told me to keep it to myself.


A few weeks ago I picked a fight with my husband. Not because he did anything wrong; it was just me being defensive--because there was an unresolved issue in my head that I couldn't quite voice out. in the middle of our fight he told me to just say what I want, say what I mean and say what really was bothering me. So I told him how my friends and I just grew apart, how everyone is so busy and that I felt alone. I also felt that I've lost the one friend I had left whom I thought was my best friend. So he comforted me and assured me that everything was okay.he asked me to take a look at our kids and our life and asked me..."are you not happy and content?" 

I realized that everything I needed and wanted was already in front of me. Then and there was my best friend all along, comforting me and telling me what wonders life has in store for us as long as we're in it together. And this was the beginning of my healing.


I started practicing yoga halfway through 2013 after losing my cousin. I was in so much grief and I accidentally stumbled upon yoga because of the desire to have a Miranda Kerr body. LOL. Don't ask. Anyway, I have been practicing Ashtanga since then until I got pregnant and gave birth last year. At first I was doing it because it felt good physically, mentally and emotionally.  But as  time passed I was doing it for the wrong reasons: to get stronger fast to surf better, to not get fat and to perfect a pose--until I got a bad back and shoulder injury that I had to stop...timely that was also the time I was on baby number 2 so yoga had to take a back seat.But I did practice on and off during pregnancy.

After giving birth I wanted to lose the pregnancy weight fast and my husband advised me to take up running. And while I did come to love it and shed most of my post baby weight....I felt empty. Like I had a phantom limb. I realized that I miss yoga so much. It was more than a physical practice to me and I was just distracted by my desire to lose some weight. 

So I renewed my relationship with this practice and started from scratch. It's been a week and I feel so much better and much more positive than last month. I aim to progress but to just do what I can at the moment. I keep this in mind all the time: practice and all is coming. I am still not able to make my crow fly consistently but I believe that one day it will! 


I bought Rupi Kaur's second book, "The Sun and her Flowers," and I feel so inspired. I like poetry but I was never a fan until now. I feel like I need to make space for poetry books in my shelves (or Kindle Library.) She has a very creative way of expressing how girls and women feel about their bodies, their beauty, pain and difficulties.  If you haven't read it yet, I suggest that you do!


Another form of easing my anxiety is painting. I started painting flowers again and I feel so good.